7 Most Competitive Jobs in the World of Finance

Finance Industry CareersIt is perfectly fair to say that the world of finance has come in for some criticism of late, due to the fact that the world economy is tanking in the aftermath of several massive banking crises. Nevertheless, despite all the odds, job searchers can expect rich pickings in terms of available job opportunities in the finance sector, provided they are in possession of the right qualifications and personal attributes, of course.

In this article, we’ll be taking a quick look at seven financial sector jobs that make for a splendid career in the right circumstances. The first of these is bookkeeping, which may not be the most glamorous post you can imagine, but it is one that keeps many thousands of people’s heads above water. For this reason alone, it is not a career choice to be sniffed at. The bottom line with bookkeeping is that there will always be a need for it. Whatever the state of the economy, companies still have to file their accounts. The losses may be up and the profits down, but the bookkeeper doesn’t care one bit – it is all grist to the mill so far as he or she is concerned! In light of this, bookkeeping is highly recommended as a superbly dependable career choice. Naturally, you must be in possession of the appropriate diplomas or certificates but, once you get your hands on these, the world is your oyster (and an accounting clerk’s pay isn’t bad either).

Business administration is the second of our seven top finance careers. This is a good choice for those with a solid academic background, especially if their degree is in economics or business studies. The only downside to a business management career in these troubled times is that you may experience being fired rather more frequently than you might wish, due to companies going out of business unexpectedly. That means you have to be on the resilient side and not take these things to heart. Once you pick yourself up and dust yourself down, it will be time to move on to the next appointment. When all is said and done, business administration remains a fruitful field for well qualified job applicants.

The two careers that have the potential to deliver the highest rewards are those of investment banker and stock broker. These are high risk occupations, where the specter of failure always looms large, but the potential rewards are absolutely massive. To be fair, these are the careers where it is perfectly within the bounds of possibility that you could make your fortune if everything went to plan. Read up about the average stock broker salary if you don’t believe me. On the academic side, college degrees are always helpful, but employers are more focused on finding dynamic individuals who have a go-getting mindset. One thing you can be absolutely sure of is that passive, lazy persons do not stand a snowball’s chance in hell of making the grade as an investment banker or stock broker.

Financial Advisor at Work

If you are looking for something a bit quieter and less stressful, but still challenging, how about training up to be an insurance agent or a financial advisor? The insurance broker salary is quite lucrative, especially if you’re good at selling things. The requirement for this kind of job is a good personal manner and a persuasive line in chat. You must remember that the goal here is to sell insurance policies and other financial products and services to the general public. As such, you must have the ability to converse with Joe Schmo on a level he understands, while having sufficient background knowledge of the products you are selling to enable you to parry any objections or questions the client may throw at you. The average financial advisor income is usually based heavily on commission. This is a job for confident individuals with a clean-cut manner. Of course, academic attainment will not do you any harm, but those lacking paper qualifications may be able to get the training they need “on the job”.

Our final financial career option of seven is that of retirement planning advisor. This is a variation on financial advisor and pretty much the same advice applies. Retirement is something that scares many people but, on the other hand, it may be some time away for younger ones, who may be resistant to biting the bullet and actually planning out their retirement. As such, retirement planning advisors have to be persistent. They have to keep hammering away until they get a sale. Consequently, a major requirement for this job is an upbeat, positive personality, which is necessary for taking the knockbacks and disappointments when a sales pitch falls on deaf ears.

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Investing Your Double Income Intelligently

Double Income Investment OpportunitiesIf you are married or in a stable, live-in relationship, undoubtedly one of the advantages the pair of you enjoy as a result is that of having a double income. Having that extra income to play with almost certainly makes it possible for you to pay for various things that a single income would not allow. However, the question is what should you spend the money on? Needless to say, couples will not always agree on this topic, which may create a raft of problems.

Home improvements are a prime example of something that generally represents money well spent. This basic fact is surely a topic that couples can agree upon despite any differences they may have. Nobody in their right mind could possibly argue that solar panels cost too much and do not hold out the prospect of reaping massive rewards in the field of energy cost saving. If your other half questions the wisdom of forking out big money on solar panels, you need only point out what huge savings can be made once these panels start paying for themselves in the form of free electricity!

It is fair to say that cookery is not something that everyone enjoys. Nevertheless, kitchen improvements, such as cost of granite kitchen counters or even complete kitchen remodeling, DO improve your standard of living, in addition to boosting property values no end. Having this kind of kitchen improvement work done is far from cheap, but the benefits are as plain as the nose on your spouse’s face. Whether he or she agrees with that assessment is another matter, but all you need to do is emphasize the long term advantages of granite countertops and kitchen remodeling, among other possible kitchen improvements.

Vinyl Siding Cost Installed

If there was an award for the least appealing way to spend good money, vinyl siding might well win it! Protecting your home from the worst of the elements is all well and good, but most people given the choice would rather go on an expensive vacation. It doesn’t help that vinyl siding may attract damp and mildew and be a fire risk, as well as being aesthetically unappealing as compared with traditional timber exterior cladding. However, the cost benefits are spectacular in terms of protecting your investment in your home. Therefore, vinyl siding prices are not something to be sneezed at, despite all the negatives. You should talk it over as a couple and decide whether or not it truly suits your needs.

Health and beauty treatments are certainly a bone of contention with some married couples. However, the good news is that the cost of some of these procedures is much lower than it used to be, not to mention that the procedures themselves are much more straightforward and easy. Take the example of mole removal: In the old days, removing some moles might leave scars behind, but this is far less of a problem now. Modern techniques allow cosmetic surgeons either to slice moles cleanly off in a jiffy, or use a high tech laser beam to zap them and the cost to get rid of a mole is quite affordable.

Another example of a vastly improved medical procedure is that of dental implants. In former times, patients who lost teeth had little option but to grin and bear it or wear old-style dentures. Luckily, this has all changed and very much for the better. In this day and age, patients can opt for superb quality dental implants that look every little bit like real teeth. They are a bit on the expensive side, to be fair, but they are worth it every time if you or your spouse is on a mission to get that one in a million perfect smile.

Eye exams are another thing that at first glance may not appear to be a good candidate for couples to shell out large sums of money on. However, overlooking eye health can lead to bigger problems down the line. Without question it is better to spend the money on frequent eye checks so as to get the right prescription for any spectacles the two of you might require. In addition, regular eye exams allow you to keep tabs on any possible long term issues with your eyes and to treat them in a timely manner. Not only does this mean you are likely to catch serious eye conditions sooner but you will almost certainly keep the cost of treatment down as well.

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How Young is Too Young for Braces?

Kid With BracesMany young children suffer from dental disorders and misaligned teeth. Dental braces are perhaps the most effective solution to such disorders, though it is a timely and sometimes painful process. Therefore most parents are of the opinion that if their children have misaligned teeth, overbites or crossbites, then dental braces should not be delayed and the treatment should begin as soon as possible.
However, there are many parents who are concerned about getting the braces fitted when it is the right age and the procedure should not begin earlier than the appropriate time. So how young is too young to get dental braces?

To understand the right age for dental braces, it is best to understand what dental braces actually do to the teeth. As most people are aware, the teeth are part of the skull; this is probably the reason that when we suffer from tooth decay or get a tooth extracted, we feel the pain waves reaching our head. As the child grows, his skull and teeth grow and around the age of 7, the baby teeth or the milk teeth start to fall out and by the age of 12, all of the baby teeth are replaced by permanent teeth.
When the dental braces are placed, they start to exert light and bearable pressure on the teeth, gradually moving the teeth to the desired position. Over this long period of treatment the cells in the bone and the gums start to adjust with this repositioning and finally at the end of treatment the teeth have comfortably set in their new position. As the children and their body parts are still in the growing phase, their teeth and face structure easily adjust to this change.

The orthodontists, therefore, recommend that the best time to get the dental braces fitted in the children’s mouth is when all the milk teeth have fallen off and have been replaced by permanent teeth. As each kid shows variant rate of growth, the placement of braces depends upon the time when all of the permanent teeth have sprouted and not the age exactly; therefore trying to get braces fitted on the kid’s teeth any time before that is futile. There is the option to get colorful braces for kids who would like the rubber bands attached to the brackets to be a certain color or theme of colors.

That being said, it is necessary to mention here, that orthodontists urge that kids should make a visit to their clinic when the first of their permanent teeth has been discovered. This is because orthodontists sometimes use a corrective appliance on the baby teeth that help the permanent teeth to come out in the right position. Although the dental braces might still be necessary, the duration will then be reduced.

So, how much are braces? The prices of braces however is still to be considered and if the child goes for the preliminary treatment then the overall cost will increase and don’t forget that after the braces and their elastic bands, come a long period of retainers. So, no matter what the age, if all permanent teeth of a child have not yet come out, then the child is too young to get the braces.

Woman Wearing Posture Brace

Posture Braces

Posture braces are generally meant to correct the posture of the back; although it is also used after injuries or surgeries. For kids who are showing signs of backbone deformities or irregularities, a posture brace can even be worn as young as 3 – 4 years of age depending upon how necessary the doctor thinks it is. The posture braces, if worn at an early age, can help the child in strengthening the back muscles that would eventually correct the posture. Learn how to correct poor posture with posture brace and with other methods.

Tennis Elbow Brace

A tennis elbow brace is required to treat an internal injury to the muscle or tendon in the forearm area near the elbow. Since a tennis elbow is usually reported in people above 30 years of age depending upon his lifestyle, there is no point in wearing it at a younger age to prevent injury. Nonetheless a doctor should be consulted for this decision. If you’re wondering, here is the answer to the question: how does an elbow brace work?

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Education Requirements to Work in Health Care

Education Requirements for Health CareersHealth care around the world has one common goal, to provide the best medical treatment to people who need it; one thing that does differ however, is the training that is required for the various healthcare jobs that are available. In addition in some nations where there are many different areas or states the training and requirements can vary.

Therefore before embarking on what you may think is the right course of training for the healthcare job you are after it is best to take some advice from a careers advisor, or even look it up on the internet. Also think about the possibility that you may want to move to a different state or country is the training and qualification you get going to also cover you there, think about what extra training you may need to undertake before venturing off or when you get there.

No matter what, there are going to be jobs going in health care, as it is the leading industry in today’s world. Depending on the job that you wish to go for will of course depend upon the length of time it is going to take you to get qualified; you can find that some positions will only take around 6-9 months to complete, like a Massage therapist whereas a full doctorate, Licensed Vocational Nurse, surgeon or similar position could take 5-8 years. A licensed practical nurse salary typically averages around $42,000 in the United States.

Jobs in Health IndustryIf you are interested in being apart of the healthcare system, but you are not OK with seeing people with injuries, you could look into some form of admin position, such as a Medical Records Technician. A health information technology salary ranges from $33,000 to $40,000 per year. Here you can be part of the team that ensure all records and patient info is kept up to date, and making sure that all notes of any medical care that is given is added to the persons details. In some area you might be able to start as a trainee with just a diploma, and be able to work and train at the same time. In general though for this type of position you would need some form of degree that shows your knowledge in medical terminology, biology, physiology and anatomy, you may also have to get registered too.

It could be that you wish to help those people with mobility problems, due to age, sports injuries, illnesses or even because of an accident. The best option is to look at becoming a Physical Therapist, as the average physical therapist income is quite respectable. The education that you would need to complete for this job would be:

1 – Passing at an accredited education facility with an undergraduate Bachelors degree
2 – Passing a Masters or Doctoral degree in physical therapy
3 – Passing the NPTE, the National Physical Therapy Examination to be accredited.

This can take many years to complete but the rewards you get when you are helping others can outweigh the time spent studying.

There are some healthcare jobs that people do not think about, they set their goals on becoming a doctor, however this may not be an option for some, here is a list of occupations that you could consider:

  • Sonographers
  • Medical Writers
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Home Help
  • Pediatrician
  • Mental Health Worker
  • Nurse or nurse’s aide

There are so many different areas of health care that you could go into you may find that the education and training you do and be used for more than just one position, or that you can do additional training in a certain area, for example you may train, and then work as nurse for some years, then decide to go into diabetic nursing. With additional training whilst working you can achieve this.

Education is very important when choosing a profession in the health care industry and it is taken very seriously that people should become accredited before practicing. It is also never to late to learn a new profession either, with many people changing their career path there are many adult courses that people can look at doing.

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Technical Jobs That Can Support a Family at Entry-Level

Best Technical JobsBeing a family man requires that you may have one or more than one mouth to feed. More often than not, they would have to rely on what you make to ensure that they are able to eat three square meals a day and have a roof over their heads. Add to that medical costs, electricity and water bills, emergency repairs, and other expenses that may arise. Thus, you would really need to have a career that would able to provide you with a steady stream of income in a stable industry that has no chance of deteriorating any time soon.

One of the most stable jobs out there is as a truck driver. You can work for a variety of companies and work on either short or long haul routes. It can be quite easy to be certified for this occupation, and the average truck driver pay is upwards of 40,000 dollars a year. You can assist in warehouse distribution, imports and exports or simply hauling dirt and gravel.

You can also get involved in any one of the many engineering disciplines. These can range from automotive engineers working on designing and testing new cars (see automotive engineering job description) to electrical engineers who develop electrical systems for commercial buildings. Inside these professions, you can specialize in a certain sub discipline such as diesel engines or power. All you need is a little training and a wide market, and you can earn anywhere from 50,000 to 70,000 dollars easy. For exact statistics, see average EE income. You can even earn even when you do this as a part time job, as most companies require you to work during evenings and weekends when there is lots of work to do. The salary range for diesel mechanic is also quite respectable and the job can be worked on a part time basis in many cases.

To date, the average American income is around 40,000 to 45,000 dollars, and the jobs mentioned above can quite adequately be able to support a small to medium sized family even if at entry levels. Of course, the more known you become and the more experience and skills you gather, you will be able to earn more, providing even more for your family. Further demands would require both parents to work full time, or with at least one parent performing part time jobs in order to satisfactorily sustain the household.

Working From Home Part TimeYou can also earn extra money on the side through online marketing or through freelance writing or graphic design if you’re familiar with Photoshop. Learn more at GraphicDesignSalary.org. Another option would be to try your hand at stocks or in foreign exchange, although these can be quite risky too if you don’t know how to handle your transactions properly. Thus, it would be much better to take your time investing in jobs that can provide stable and risk free income just like the professions mentioned above.

The above mentioned jobs are professions that people can easily get into, and there is a lot of demand for these types of jobs, ensuring that you will be able to exist within the industry for an extended period of time, providing for good stability when it comes to earning income for you and your family.

Services such as mole removal and dental implants would always be around as everyone would like to look their best. Eye exams would always be existent as these are part of regular annual check ups. As for vinyl sidings and kitchen remodeling, everyone wants their home to look good and presentable. Solar panels and granite countertops, on the other hand, while the needs for these are not quite that popular now, being knowledgeable and skilled in this type of installation would provide you with a specialized niche that you can take advantage of while the demand is not yet that high. This would mean that you have an edge over competitors once technology such as solar panels would reach their boom.
These are but some of the more technical jobs that you can get that can support your family even if you are starting out. Of course, due not forget to save up and try to invest in order to make your money grow as these are the funds that you would be needing during emergencies, or when the time comes when your children would be going to college, or when you would retire.

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Typical Costs for Common Auto Procedures

Auto MaintenanceThere are so many things that need to be done regularly to automobiles in addition to unexpected repairs. The truth is, much like with your health, preventative maintenance can really keep your costs down when it comes to auto repairs. By staying on top of the little things you can keep the big things from going wrong and costing you even more money. By knowing what some of these little things cost you can compare what it would cost to keep running your vehicle with something broken or how much it will be to fix it when things really start to go wrong. This doesn’t even include the cosmetic considerations like a car paint job. The cost of a paint job ranges significantly depending on whether or not it is a custom job and whether it is full body vs touch ups.

Replacing the Oxygen Sensor
This is a sensor monitoring the unburned oxygen in the exhaust and tells your computer when there is too much gas or not enough in the tank. This can then spark a “check engine” light and signals bigger problems down the road. This is really something you should be able to do yourself, but the specialized tool to get to the sensor is quite specific and you will typically spend about $250.00 to get this fixed at the mechanics.

Loose Fuel Caps
This sounds like a very silly repair but loose fuel caps cause a pressure issue in many cars. Because of this change, things can start to go wrong. While the loose cap is not typically the cause, it can set off your check engine light which will run you about $50 to get checked. It makes much more sense to spend the 80 cents to replace your fuel cap so you don’t have to make the trip to find out it was nothing.

Replacing the Catalytic Converter
Catalytic CoverterProbably the most preventable repair and one of the more costly common repairs, it is an example of why you should keep up with regular maintenance. The catalytic converter controls your emissions system and often need of replacement when a spark plug or fuel injector is ignored. The cost of replacement is typically around $1000.00.

Replacing Mass Air Flow Sensor
This sensor is quite important as it controls how much fuel is delivered based on the amount of air supplied to the engine. While the repair costs about $375.00, it can be prevented if you check things regularly, like the air filter and fluid levels. It is often best to do this when you are getting the oil changed.

Replacing Spark Plugs
Replacing spark plugs is one of those chores most people can do on their own, but you need to do it correctly. A faulty spark plug not only reduces your gas mileage but it can melt your car’s catalytic converter, a pricey repair for such a small thing. This is often considered part of transmission repair and maintenance. Replacing a spark plug on your own will cost under $10, having them all replaced by a mechanic will run about $320.00.

Replacing Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor
The coolant sensor gives you a heads up before your car fully starts overheating. This can mean your coolant is too low or that your engine is running too hot. When the sensor is misfiring you don’t get the warning and other pars of your engine can melt or it can lead to a full engine seize. If there is something wrong with the sensor you should have it replaced immediately for about $150.00.

Oil Change
This is the best preventative maintenance for your car. Depending on the size of your vehicle and the engine size an oil change can run between $25.00 and $80.00. Synthetic oil lasts longer and you can get your oil changed less often, but it is also more costly. Some foreign cars only use synthetic oil now. You can change your own oil for $10 to $25. You should never put off doing this and if money is the concern, take the time to learn how to do it on your own so as to avoid major repairs. Consider using oil change coupons to keep the price low.

Tire Replacement
Tire ReplacementKeeping the proper air pressure in your tires makes your car drive better and allows the vehicle to get better gas mileage. You should check your air pressure every time you put gas in your car. Equal air pressure in all four tires makes the tires wear equally so you don’t have bald spots or other problems with your tires. Eventually you will have to replace them and because there is so much lead in time you can wait for a special at a tire shop. Depending on the size of the tires you are likely to spend between $250 and $450 on a full set of tires. You can do two at a time if you have a two-wheel drive car. You should also have the brake pads checked when your tires are being changed and don’t forget regular wheel alignments.

All repairs are priced differently for different cars. Mechanics tend to specialize because the parts and the computer interface is different for each vehicle. Many foreign made cars are more expensive to fix because the parts are pricey. In addition, if it is difficult to get to a certain area in the engine, the hours spent fixing the car will be more and that makes the bill rise even more quickly. Windshield replacement and repair is also common and involves both material & labor costs. The damage is often caused by a rock striking the glass and can cost you more if you have auto window tinting as that will have to be installed professionally again as well. Get some advice when trying to find the right tint shop. Save money on repairs by sticking with preventative maintenance.

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Choosing the Best Vehicle for Your Family

2012 Buick Enclave - Great Family VehicleWhen it comes to selecting a new vehicle, the choice for the average consumer in the 21st century is far more diverse than it ever has been. Even when it comes down to choosing the best vehicle for you family, there are enough vehicles, with competitive ratings to boggle one’s mind easily. If indeed you are about to make the purchase of a new vehicle for your home then there are a number of considerations to make before you find yourself capable of making a wise decision.

Things to Consider When Buying A Vehicle For Your Family

  • One of the very important factors to take into account is the size of your family. This refers to the number of people who would be travelling frequently in the car; how old or how tall they are also matters. Vehicles, like minivans and SUVs, offer seating capacity for up to 7 – 8 passengers and because of this reason they are becoming quite popular.
  • Another significant factor is fuel economy. If you extensively use your vehicle to travel back and forth from the office, to pick and drop kids to school and to buy groceries or simply to travel, then you need a vehicle that is fuel efficient and one that would not chop off a massive chunk of your monthly income for buying gasoline.
  • Considering the safety features of the car is also very important if you are about to buy a new vehicle for your family. Many of the new models are loaded with safety features which include anti-lock brakes, traction control system and front and side air-bags etc.
  • The size and space of the car also needs to be judged according to the amount of cargo you intend carrying into it. If you are frequent traveler on long routes, then you need to have space to carry all that sporting gear and luggage etc.
  • The smooth running of a vehicle depends a lot on its transmission. Be sure to get a review or an opinion about the maintenance and repair of the transmission of the car you are about to select. A guide to flushing or changing transmission fluid at this great resource.
  • If you intend towing a caravan, trailer or a boat, on the back of your vehicle, then the vehicle must have a good towing capability or strong engine.
  • Although price of the vehicle is one of the most important factors, you really have to consider all the other elements first and then look for an affordable car with those properties.
  • Some consumers are of the opinion that looks of the vehicle also have a considerable importance when selecting a vehicle. It is true especially when you have teenagers who wish to uphold a certain image among their peers.


Keeping these factors in mind, you can now look for the vehicle that is most suitable for your family. You shouldn’t face too much difficulty, as there is a considerable range of models and vehicle types that have been put forth by each car manufacturer. Every other vehicle manufacturer now offers its own range of compact sedans, family-sized sedans, SUVs of ranging capacity (large, midsize and compact), minivans, crossovers, pickup trucks, hatchbacks and so on.

When it comes to selecting the best vehicle for family, midsize/compact SUVs with optional 3rd row seating are becoming increasingly popular. The reviews and ratings for the latest small SUVs can be found at www.BestSmallSUVHelp.com. Not only do they offer a strong engine with matched fuel economy, they also have ample cargo space and easy transmission maintenance. Furthermore SUVs are also fitted with top of the line, safety features to protect you and your loved ones. SUVs range in size greatly and this also offers a convenience of selecting one that is more affordable.

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